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Avalanche beacon Pieps Pro BT 2023/24

Product number: PP1100620000ALL1
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Avalanche beacon Pieps Pro BT 2023/24

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Avalanche beacon Pieps Pro BT 2023/24
Checking all relevant hardware and software elements as well as displaying the current software version, in all lighting conditions. If the transmitting antenna is disturbed by electronic devices or metal, the automatic switching to the other antenna takes place. Only one verified signal is displayed. The PIEPS PRO BT does not mess with a display of "ghost signals." It automatically switches from search mode to transmit mode when the device is idle for a certain time (spill) and can be deactivated for a short time via the intelligent iPROBE probe. At the receiver LVS the next strongest signal is automatically displayed. Checks the activity and send parameters of the partner LVS device. PIEPS recommends that you carry out a group check before each tour. The SCAN function provides an overview of all spilled LVS devices within the reception range. The PIEPS PRO BT scans the entire reception area. The 3 closest avalanche transceivers are displayed. The analogue mode can be used for special search strategies and for demonstration purposes. The PIEPS TX600 is a special mini-transmitter for animals and equipment that transmits outside the standard EN300718 and can be received by the PIEPS PRO BT. With the integrated three-dimensional inclinometer the punctual inclination of a slope can be measured. High wearing comfort with low weight, neoprene pocket with soft shoulder strap, quick-pull system for fast device removal.


Maximum range (m): 60
Search stripe width (m): 60
Dimensions (mm, LxWxH): 118 x 76 x 29
Weight (g, incl. Batteries): 230
Power supply: 3 batteries (AAA)
Battery life (min h): 600
Receive frequency (kHz): 457
Transmitting frequency (kHz, according to EN300718): 457
Temperature range: -20 ° C to + 45 ° C

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